Presentation: Patti O’Keefe and Carol Huggler “Highlights of the 4th Czech Conference”

Location: This will be a hybrid talk on zoom and in the field house behind the Lakeview Community Association Hall 6110 – 34th Street SW. Parking is free. 

A conference well worth going to!

Located in Pruhonice, the conference itself was attached to the Pruhonice park. A treasure! Garden tours of the master Czech gardeners themselves: Jirí Papousek, Zdenek Zvolanek and Vojtech Holubec. Each one was unique and beautiful. There were many other events during the day and evenings filled with great speakers.
A quick trip into Prague to visit the cultural attractions and a visit to an Alpine Garden in the center of the city.


Patti O’Keefe: Patti started gardening at an early age. Both sets of Grandparents had either a greenhouse or a lily pond which drew me in for sure. After a visit to Sheila Paulsons Garden, she put me in touch with Willie and Zolton. I was hooked! Now, many troughs later, a pond and an Alpine Rock Garden I want to add more after seeing the gardens at the conference.

Carol Huggler: Carol is an artist, a photographer, and a plant enthusiast with an inexhaustible fascination for all things botanical. Her specialties include concrete sculpture and succulent displays, when she isn’t too busy weeding in other people’s gardens. Visiting the Epicenter of Crevice Gardening was truly inspiring.

Free to Members of CRAGS.  Non-members can purchase tickets for $8 from eventbrite: