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Thursday Nov 12 2020: Flora of Newfoundland

Zoom Conference:   Our long-time member Carol Huggler will show us the wildflowers of Newfoundland that she observed in 2018.  Her trip included a tour of the Northern Penninsula offered by the NARGS annual conference which was held in St John's. Members will receive...

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Calgary Rock & Alpine Garden Society (CRAGS) is a group interested in growing alpine plants in Calgary’s challenging climate. Alpine plants are perennials found near or above the tree line in mountainous areas.

Why garden with rock and alpine plants?

  • compact size means more variety in a small space
  • hardy plants, well-suited to Calgary’s climate
  • unique and diverse plants from the mountain regions of the world
  • small troughs or large crevice gardens can be showcases
  • native plants support pollinators
  • use of rocks and alpine plants is inspired by nature

Join CRAGS and learn from interesting speakers about plants, garden design, and travel by plant-lovers, enjoy workshops to advance your gardening skills, be inspired by local garden tours (members only), get friendly advice and support, and make new friends in a small club.
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