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Upcoming Events

The events listed here are video conferences unless stated otherwise.  All will be organized in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions, so check back for changes.

Past Events

Sunday May 15 9:00am: Workshop on Construction of a Crevice Garden

Instructor Rob Staniland

Place:  Staniland residence in Bearspaw area (directions will be provided to participants)

Date and time:  Sunday May 15  9:00am – 12:00pm

Participants:  Maximum 10

Cost:  $25 members  $35 non-members.  Please click this Eventbrite Link  to register and pay for the workshop.  If you are unable to pay online through Eventbrite, please email Elaine to make payment arrangements.

Crevice Garden in Calgary area

This hands-on workshop will begin by identifying design considerations for composing crevice gardens by observing the characteristics of a variety of existing gardens features. The first hour will be a discussion on the stone and materials required as well as on shapes, orientations and surface and internal drainage.  In the second hour, participants will have some hands on practice in crevice construction using various stone types, especially related to their size and shape (stratified, cubic, random and round) .

Participants will then help finalize the design details and begin the construction of a new crevice feature intended to modify existing exposures on a south facing slope.  The goal is to both exaggerate and reduce the influence of the sun.

As this is an outside workshop please dress accordingly for the weather.  Bring a good pair of work gloves and a sturdy pair of work boots as we will be working with heavy rock, also a hat, water bottle, sunscreen and bug repellent.


Saturday May 14, 10am to 2pm: Year of the Garden at Silver Springs Crevice Garden

Everyone is welcome to join CRAGS and BGSS at this informal event to celebrate Year of the Garden in Canada.   CRAGS and the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs collaborated on the building of an Alpine Crevice Garden and Native Plants Garden, starting in 2016. Here is the BGSS invitation:

The year of the Garden in Canada:  this proclamation is a first for Canada and the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs is very committed to participating with multiple activities through the spring, summer, and fall.  In honor of this celebration the Year of the Garden Committee is asking you to plant ‘Red” this year.  Think of all the possibilities between the red blooms, red leaves and red produce like apples, tomatoes etc.

Please come and join us as we partner with various specialty gardeners to highlight and display our gardens.  On May 14 we will be partnering with the Calgary Rock and Alpine Gardens Association.  They will be providing a learning session at the Alpine, Crevice and Native Plant Garden in the Northeast corner of the park.  It will occur from 10 am until 2 pm and will have experts on crevice gardening in attendance

Thurs May 12 at 7:30pm: Panel on building and planting troughs

A panel of CRAGS gardeners will share their knowledge and experience with troughs. Chaired by Ranald Gault who wrote extensive articles on troughs for our newsletter, the panelists are Rob Staniland, Cathy Kurio, and Barb Portlock.  Troughs are insulated outdoor containers showcasing miniature rock gardens.  They are an excellent way for beginning rock gardeners to start working with alpine plants, rocks, and soils.

Trough by Bob Ruault


This will be a hybrid meeting — members are invited to come to an in-person meeting at Lakeview Community Hall, and the meeting will be shared through Zoom for those who prefer to stay at home.


Thurs Apr 14, 7:30pm: Shawn Hillis on Woodlanders: Companion Plants for the Woodland Garden

Come see the adorable unique plants that Shawn grows here in his Calgary home and talk about the plants he is so passionate about, especially Cypripedium orchids.  This is an online talk.  Members will receive a reminder with the Zoom link a day before the talk, and do not have to pre-register. Non-members are invited to either join CRAGS (on the Members page), or register for this event for a small fee via Eventbrite.

Cypripedium calcicola

Red seal Journeymen landscape gardener Shawn Hillis has more than two decades of accomplishments with a diversified palate of experience in the green industry.  Shawn is the sole proprietor and the inspired spirit behind Garden Slippers.  Garden Slippers is a small nursery dedicated to propagating native temperate orchid species and their hybrids. Garden Slippers is proud to be in its 15th season of informing, educating and making these rare exotic gems available to the Canadian gardener.  The Canadian Orchid Congress has awarded Shawn with a career achievement award for his tireless efforts in bringing these exotic gems into cultivation here in Canada. Garden Slippers has received 8 Awards of merit from the American Orchid Society including the seldom awarded Artistic Merit for a display by a grower for the following cultivars:
Cypripedium Pixi ‘Pop’
Cypripedium Pixi ‘Purple Haze’
Cypripedium parviflorum var pubescens ‘Bumble Bee’
Cypripedium franchetii ‘Foothills’
Cypripedium Ventricosum ‘Jenny’
Cypripedium guttatum “Spot”
Cypripedium Victoria “Secret”
Cypripedium Monto ‘Pronto’
Cypripedium Sabine Pastel “Ivory Rose”
Cypripedium x ventricosum Goldschuh “Midas”


Sun Mar 13, 2022 at 1:00pm MDT: Growing in a Rock Garden, with Elisabeth Zander

Elizabeth Zander in her garden

Elisabeth will discuss methods of growing alpine plants in various types of rock gardens: walls, troughs, bogs, roofs, stairs, crevices, and others.

Elisabeth Zander is the past president for the North American Rock Garden Society and its current webmaster. She retired from computer programming a few years ago and is now busier than ever. Elisabeth lives in the Berkshire Hills of CT with her spouse, 2 mini Aussies and a cat who all help her manage her extensive gardens. (The dogs keep the numerous chipmunks, moles, voles and rabbits at bay. The cat eliminates the voles and mice.) The garden was awarded the Linc and Timmy Foster Millstream Garden Award in 2018. Elisabeth was awarded the Marvin Black Award in 2021

This is an online talk. CRAGS Members will receive an emailed invitation and an emailed reminder with the Zoom link. Non-members are welcome to register for the talk on Eventbrite ($8 tickets) or purchase a CRAGS membership on the Members page.


Thurs Feb 10, 2022 7:30pm: Paul Spriggs on Cracks and Crevices

Cracks and Crevices — a Zoom talk on crevice gardens presented by Paul Spriggs

Paul at work

Paul, who spoke to CRAGS in 2016 , will touch on aspects of crevice gardening including History, Design, and Construction. He will also show some examples of some fine international crevice gardens, and talk about some of his favourite plants suitable for this type of garden.

Paul Spriggs has been rock gardening for roughly 23 years and building crevice gardens for about 16 years. He is an avid plant explorer, photographer, mountaineer, owner of Spriggs Gardens Landscaping company, and past President of the Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society. He has a passion for all wild plants especially those of dwarf stature and collects and cultivates them at various gardens in his hometown of Victoria, BC, Canada. Paul has learned the craft of crevice garden building directly from one of it’s innovators, Zdenek Zvolanek, of the Czech republic, and in the past decade and a half, has built many gardens in public parks and private homes that range in size from small feature troughs, to large installations involving many tonnes of stone. Paul is passionate about spreading the word of this style, through speaking to garden clubs all over the west, and by giving workshops for those keen on learning the finer points of this developing art form. He has just finished his work on the first North American book on Crevice gardening With co-author Kenton Seth of Colorado, due out spring of 2022.

This is an online talk.  Members will receive a reminder with the Zoom link a day before the talk, and do not have to pre-register. Non-members are invited to either join CRAGS (on the Members page), or register for this event for a small fee via Eventbrite.

Thurs Nov 18 2021 7:00pm: Elaine Rude on The World of Unusual Bulbs

Bulbs are fascinating structures and are present on all continents other than Antarctica.  They grow in a variety of different environments including some of the harshest and wettest.

Iris bucharica

Only a few are commonly available in the trade but there are so many more unusual hardy and tender ones we can grow in our gardens, containers or as houseplants.  It can be a fun exercise sourcing  bulbs or seeds so let’s delve in to some of these unusual types.

Speaker Elaine Rude is a CRAGS and CHS member who instructs Master Gardener courses, gives talks and interviews on gardening topics, and runs Paintbrush Garden Design and Consulting in Calgary.

This talk will be preceded by CRAGS’ Annual General Meeting at 7:00pm, which will take 30 minutes or less. Members are encouraged to attend (virtually) to help keep our club’s affairs in order.

This is an online talk. CRAGS Members will receive an emailed invitation and an emailed reminder with the Zoom link. Non-members are welcome to register for the talk on Eventbrite or purchase a CRAGS membership.

Thurs Oct 14 7:30pm: Dr Karen Johnson on Wildflowers of Churchill

Dr Karen Johnson did research and led tours for many years based at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Churchill, MB. After a Ph.D. in botany, she worked as a post-doc for three years on the International Biological Program, an inventory of the biological communities of the province and attempts to preserve them. She was Curator of Botany at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature from 1972 to 2001.

Rhododendron lapponicum (Lapland Rosebay)

Lomatogonium rotatum

Karen worked on museum exhibits, co-authored “Wildflowers of Churchill and the Hudson Bay Region” among many other publications, taught botanical courses, and was an Adjunct Professor of Botany at the University of Manitoba. Her non-museum contributions include serving on the provincial Ecological Reserves Advisory Committee for nearly 15 years, on the Shilo Environmental Advisory Committee for over 20 years and on the National Plants Subcommittee of COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) for more than 10 years. She has studied and photographed alpine plants in Colorado, New Hampshire, Switzerland, Scotland and Nepal as well as their arctic counterparts in Manitoba and Alaska.

She will introduce us to the arctic and alpine flora of the Churchill area.

This is an online talk. CRAGS Members will receive an emailed invitation and an emailed reminder with the Zoom link. Non-members are welcome to register for the talk on Eventbrite or purchase a CRAGS membership.

Thurs Sep 9 2021 7:30pm: Liz Knowles on Alpines, Lilies, and Endemics of Japan

Liz has been gardening for 45 years in Hockley Valley ON. She will cover her 3 weeks of travel through Honshu and Hokkaido, Japan, in June/July 2019.

Dicentra peregrina copyright L. Knowles

Observing plants from sea level to 2100 m, some of which are familiar to N America as well as circumpolar alpines.  Liz will cover species Lilies that have been used extensively in breeding oriental lilies as well as an impressive array of endemicsThis is an online talk.  CRAGS Members will receive an emailed invitation and an emailed reminder with the Zoom link. Non-members are welcome to register for the talk on Eventbrite or purchase a CRAGS membership.

Mon June 28 : Online Workshop on Identifying Native Wildflowers

Oxytropis podocarpa, a native alpine plant.

Join Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed a botanist and co-owner of ALCLA Native Plants for an evening Zoom talk about native plant identification. For each species presented, you will learn key features that are required for accurate identification, including features that are characteristic of specific plant families. You will also learn interesting facts about the plants including how to cultivate them, value for pollinators and wildlife and ethnobotanical usage. There will also be resource suggestions for further accurate field identification and discussion.

Workshop will be Monday June 28 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Members price is $15, non-members price is $20.  Registration for both non-members and members will be through Eventbrite. Click here to go to Eventbrite.

Thurs June 10: Online workshop by Janet Melrose on Rewilding the Urban Garden **CANCELLED**

Rufous Hummingbird on Castelleja sp.

Wilding or perhaps more appropriately “rewilding” the garden looks at gardens in a different way than the usual tamed spaces that have dominated gardening for the past few decades.

Instead of attempting to control nature the goal is to invite nature back to our gardens.

In our current environment where climate change, loss of habitat and unceasing human incursions into wild areas is putting  all species at risk, letting go of old values and ways of gardening and embracing the wild side is an important way for gardeners to contribute to creating healthy ecosystems, with habitat for wildlife, and even cumulatively modify our climate.

Topics include:

  • Overview of the situation
  • Principles and practices of rewilding, including designing a new garden or ‘retrofitting’ an existing one, including the lawn
  • Cultural practices including building biodiversity of plant life and providing shelter
  • Specific projects to engage interest in providing habitat, such as nesting boxes, feeding and water stations, as well as shelter
  • Citizen science and advocacy

This workshop will look at the down to earth design and cultural practices that we can use to make our gardens refugia for pollinators, other beneficial insects, birds and other life.

Janet Melrose, is a well-known Calgary garden expert, specializing in Garden Education, Horticultural Therapy and advocating for a Sustainable Local Food System. Now co-author of the ‘Prairie Gardener’s Go-To’ series of books. Find her on Facebook as “Calgary’s Cottage Gardener”.

Workshop will be Thursday June 10 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm via Zoom.

Those who have registered for this talk will receive an email the day before the event with the online details. Both CRAGS members and non-members should register through Eventbrite at this link. The talk will not be recorded.

Thurs May 27 2021 7:30pm: Todd Boland on Campanulas for the Rock Garden

Todd Boland, Research Horticulturalist at the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Botanical Gardens in St John’s NL, will talk about members of the Campanulaceae famiy that are suitable for the rock and alpine garden. Campanula are one of the most important group of plants for any rock garden. This webinar will introduce you to the smaller members of the genus Campanula, breaking them down into groups based on their geographical origins.

Campanula chamissonis

Todd is the horticulturist at the Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden. He is also the chair of the Newfoundland Chapter of NARGS.  Within NARGS he maintains their Plant of the Month feature as well as their photo gallery. Todd is an avid writer, having written several field guides to the native flora of Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada. He has now started to write gardening books. His most recent book is Favourite Perennials for Atlantic Canada. He is currently working on the next book, Favourite Shrubs and Vines for Atlantic Canada, due out shortly.

This is an online talk.  CRAGS Members will receive an emailed invitation and an emailed reminder with the Zoom link. Non-members are welcome to register for the talk on Eventbrite or purchase a CRAGS membership.

Thurs May 13 2021 7:30pm. Rob Staniland on Stone, slope and aspect: Modifying and multiplying planting environments.

Rob Staniland, one of our club’s most experienced rock garden builders, will talk about building rock gardens in Calgary, part of a series called “A Rock Garden Here”.

Rock gardening permits unique garden shapes that can alter the ‘climates’ in a garden. From simply the sunny or shady side of a stone, to planted slopes steep and high enough to catch sun on one side and rob it from the other.

The presentation will briefly review the unique characteristics of the alpine or rock garden, as well as the fundamentals of design and construction.

Building a sandstone crevice garden, in morning light.

We will then focus, in detail, on how to modify (and multiply) the microclimates of even very small gardens. Using the ability of rock gardens to create height, sloping sides of the garden can be variously steep and oriented in relation to the available sun. We will provide techniques to judge current garden locations, and to design shapes that can both exaggerate and reduce warming to various degrees. This provides conditions for a wider variety of plants, and even increases total, plant-able area.

A crevice garden ready to plant, using sandstone commonly found in Calgary.

Sandstone crevice garden in Calgary with mature plantings.

CRAGS intends to follow this presentation later in May with a workshop to design and construct a specific garden using the tools and methods described in the presentation. We expect to include another online presentation to review the principles and tools, and create a design with a specific site and planting environments in mind. This will be followed by hands-on practice at a local site; refining the design and building at least part of this new rock garden. Watch this website for notices about the workshops.

This is an online talk. CRAGS Members will receive an emailed invitation and an emailed reminder with the Zoom link, and they don’t have to pre-register. Non-members are welcome to register for the talk on Eventbrite or purchase a CRAGS membership.