All are welcome at this in-person meeting which will be held at Lakeview Community Hall. Non-members of CRAGS are also cordially invited to attend our in-person meetings, where they can find out more about our club and join up. If they prefer not to join, we would appreciate their $5 donation for speaker costs.

This talk will also be available on Zoom.  Members will receive the Zoom links prior to the meeting and do not have to register for it.  Non-members are invited to take in the Zoom talk by registering in Eventbrite for a small fee.

Green roofs are a renewed building technique initiated in central Europe and catching on in Alberta. The local green roof market is seeing greater uptake in commercial, institutional and resident

Kerry and Bob with a Green Roof Shed

ial construction, bringing the multi-beneficial nature-based strategy to the roof.

Come learn about the basics including what green roofs are, what they do, their design considerations and how they help solve the most pressing ecological and developmental issues facing our communities. Cold-climate case studies from nearby and abroad will be presented and discussed to highlight the beauty and benefits of adding more vegetation to the built environment.  Green roofs can offer new opportunities to use alpine plants, and Kerry will discuss suitable plants for rooftops.

In 2000, Kerry Ross began working on one of the first buildings in Alberta to integrate contemporary green roof systems into the building’s design. Bison Courtyard, the project situated in the town of Banff, spurred her passion to learn more about green roof technology as an innovative method to lessen the impacts that buildings have on the natural environment. This experience, along with study and field research led her to become one of the first Green Roof Professionals in Canada. In 2010, she launched Green T Design, a company dedicated to green roof design, installations and maintenance. Kerry remains a local champion of incorporating green roofs where possible.