This will be a combined in-person and Zoom meeting, starting at 7 pm.  Members will receive a reminder email with the Zoom links.

First, CRAGS’ Annual General Meeting for fiscal year 2021-2022 will take about 30 minutes, followed by our speaker.

Our speaker, Ken Wright, will discuss growing native plants and will be at Lakeview Hall to include a demo of cleaning seeds, stratifying and planting methods.

Ken Wright is the founder of Bow Point Nursery, and he presently owns Wright Nursery, a wholesale nursery started in 2015 as a supplier of native seed sourced plugs and seedlings.

Ken Wright

In 1988 Ken and his wife Pam started Bow Point Nursery with the objective to supply native, indigenous woody plants for urban and rural landscapes. Initially Ken was growing and starting the nursery, Pam was landscaping and using the plants they grew in her landscapes. As time passed and the nursery got busier, Pam shut down landscapes and they started working together at Bow Point Nursery. Ken says, “We learned as we grew – when to pick seed (right before the birds take it) , propagation methods and the marketing of native woody plants. And of course, travelling the back roads of Southern Alberta looking for the native plants growing there. We always were looking for the trees and shrubs that were growing in the most rigorous sites – those open, full sun, windy and generally harsh conditions – of which Southern Alberta has many. That became our full time focus – selecting plants and seed sources, picking seed, cleaning and storing seed, germinating/propagating and growing those plants into landscape sized trees and shrubs.
In 2015 we sold Bow Point Nursery – our goal was to move to a new site 2 hours north by Caroline, Alberta. We did start a new nursery -with a different goal – to focus on selecting plants, collecting seed and propagating our native trees and shrubs. The main difference this time around – no retail and no employees. It has been a great adventure which continues”.