Feast your eyes on the wonderful carpets of wildflowers and the magnificent scenery of Switzerland.  Many of our prized rock garden plants such as Trumpet Gentian come from the European Alps, and Julia Corden has led botanizing trips in this area.

Julia Corden is Manager of the Explorers Garden in Pitlochry, Scotland, which specializes in the plants brought from around the world and introduced into horticulture by such explorers as Menzies, Douglas, Lyall, and Forrest. Julia trained at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, achieving her diploma in horticulture. Following work in New Zealand, plant hunting travels through Hawaii, Delhi and Bangkok and restoration work on an East Sussex estate, she returned to Scotland to take over management of Explorers. She also leads botanical tours and explores for plants in many areas, most recently Bhutan.  For non-members, this talk is $10.